Welsh Bagpipes - Pibau Cymreig

Amdanon ni - About Us

We are Welsh pipers who specialise in Welsh traditional music for bagpipes and have been bagpiping for over 20 years. We both play bagpipes made by the master pipe-maker Alvaro Seivane in Cambre, Galicia. His bagpipes provide the best possible quality with a tone that is very suitable for Welsh music. We have performed at festivals, events and weddings across Wales as well leading the St. David's Day Parade in Cardiff and performing at the Lorient Interceltic Festival in Brittany. We also run workshop sessions for beginners and intermediate pipers and have a supply instruments (pipes and drums) if necessary.

For weddings and special occasions we can wear full Welsh cilt and jacket in Brithwe Dewi Sant (St. David's tartan), or traditional Welsh waistcoat and trousers.

If you are interested in a larger group of Welsh pipers, Bagad Pibau Morgannwg (Glamorgan Pipe Band) can provide 6-8 pipers and drummers for parades and larger events.

Our current pricing is detailed below, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Standard fee for a solo piper for a wedding is £150.00* (e.g. piping in and out of a wedding service and playing for half an hour outside following the service). Additional attendance at a wedding, such as playing at the wedding reception would be an additional £50.00. Please contact us if you have any questions about your event.

The standard fee for booking a duo is £280.00*

We charge a standard day rate of £150* per person for workshops, performances etc, or a half-day rate of £80.00*.

*In addition to these fees there may be a charge of 40p per mile for travelling expenses to and from your event.